SKYCAN is a collaboration between Canterbury Aviation and SKYVUW Services.

We are able to offer a full aerial survey capability – no matter what size your job is. Our specialised pilots are able to provide a variety of solutions in different industries.

  • We can capture large areas in a short period of time, whether your project is a few hectares or hundreds of square kilometres.
  • We can capture accurate data at hard to reach locations.
  • We can process your images to provide valuable information for your industry.
  • We can provide you with the data you need with no interference on the ground.

Utilising dual PhaseOne, 100mpix cameras, we can provide RGB, CiR and or RGBi deliverables.

The cameras are coordinated using the PhaseOne iX Controller which incorporates total digital control of the cameras and includes an Applanix AVX210 to provide full trajectory data for “control-less” photogrammetry.

Specialising in high resolution imagery, from 1.5cm GSD, we fill many roles. Often we talk with clients who have found that their areas are beyond the scope of UAV technology whilst being too small for the large format offering of other companies. Our cost effective approach provides an accurate option with fast turn round.

Main Industries We Serve





If you’re interested in our aerial survey and processing services, then please send us an enquiry with details of the work required.